A Factor Seminar / Master The Law of Attraction
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The A Factor Seminar

Physically Master the 'Law of Attraction'

Presented by: Joseph McClendon III
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Joseph McClendon III

Day 1

Manifestation Workshop

You will receive not just the tools for manifestation and attraction, but the real live hands on experience of taking action right there & then. This is the 'secret' on steroids. This is not a watered down version of the 'laws of attraction' or an enhancement of 'think and grow rich'. This is the real thing. We will provide concrete evidence of its effectiveness and validity.

Day 2

Elimination Workshop

Learn the tools of eliminating negative emotions (or memory) and produce the effect in the workshop. The effect is not to take negative emotions (or memory) with you, but leave them behind. You will learn to start a process of doing this that will last you for years to come. Memory erasing exercise.

Personal “Pull” Workshop

Develop and get clear on our own personal reasons why we want to achieve what we want. This will have the effect of creating internal 'pull' that 'pulls' you into the future that you design.

Day 3

Creation Workshop

Learn to Cultivate, create and own an empowering identity for greater purpose, self esteem, confidence and pride. Who we believe we are determine what we do or do not do. How we feel about ourselves is the foundation of our existence now and the future. By creating who you desire to be now and embedding it to your soul you set the stakes in the ground for who you will become in the future.

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